Home Management

Cape Cod Property Management from Moore Security

At Moore Security and Services, Cape Cod Property Management and Home Management is our specialty.

Our team will oversee the complete care and management of your Cape Cod home and property, so that whether you are in your home year-round, or only part of the year, you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

We will also execute or manage your Cape Cod home repair needs, winterize or spring clean your home, and take care of general home maintenance. Please see our “Services” page for a comprehensive list of possibilities.

Moore Security Cape Cod Home Watch Checklist:
(sent to the homeowner weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to contract)


  • Proper Heating/Cooling
  • Electrical (lights, switches, malfunctions)
  • Plumbing (free/clear running water)
  • Toilets (flushed, cleaned)
  • Hot Water (verify on/off)
  • Any sign of water in basement
  • Visual check for pests, rodents
  • Appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, disposal)
  • Phone/Alarm System (dial tone/communication)
  • Plants (maintained and watered while you are away)
  • Musty Odors (moisture, mildew, odors)
  • Windows/Doors (secure, proper operating)
  • Smoke Alarms (status lights OK, test if needed)
  • Security System (activated/set)


  • Mail, Newspapers, Flyers (collect)
  • Security Lighting (exterior adjust as needed)
  • Evidence of Leaks/Damage (house/roof)
  • Lawn/Landscaping (healthy/maintained)
  • Doors/Entry Way (properly secured)
  • Lot Drainage (standing water)
  • Garbage (refuse can at home)
  • Gutters/Down Spouts (open, well mounted)
  • Irrigation (leaks/adjust scheduled if necessary)
  • Gas leaks
  • Storm Inspection
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response

In addition, Moore Security will coordinate with insurance companies, local Cape Cod authorities, and repair contractors should the need arise, and arrange for seasonal preparation of your home, contacting service providers as needed.