As I write this blog, the wind is roaring outside our window. Local meteorologists have warned of 60 mph gusts of wind today. With many fragile trees that are overgrown with vines, you can imagine what could happen. So we will, of course, be checking on our clients’ homes but it made me think of being prepared…

At the Ready

In turbulent times, you want to know that your Cape Cod home is secure against the unexpected. No one has a crystal ball but it’s good to always be at the ready! What exactly does that mean? For us at Moore Security and Services, it means observing and paying attention to everything about your home. We have a thorough list of check points and we also consult with you to address special concerns that may be unique to your property.

For the Unexpected

Remember Murphy’s Law? It states “anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and usually at the worst moment”. While that sounds pessimistic, there is a bit of truth there. It does stand to reason that things will fail or break down in your absence because if you were there, you’d see it and prevent it. Here’s just a few of the things that we have seen during home watch visits:

* Doors and windows left unlocked or even wide open. We secured them.
* Alarm system activated. We responded within minutes.
* Furnace stopped working.
* Leaking water heater.
* Empty Propane tank. We can monitor your propane levels so you never run out.
* Power outages. We can reset your security system, and any timers and clocks.
* Smoke and CO2 alarms chirping. We check them and change batteries when needed.

Be Prepared

We understand that you’re not able to be here, but we are definitely here for you to keep you prepared. By checking on your property on a regular schedule, we’ll help keep small issues from becoming big disasters. We are at the ready!