Dear Friends,                                                                                                 September 2020

We hope you had a good summer. Labor Day has come & gone, and autumn won’t be far behind. Now is the time to consider some care and maintenance items that are important to your home. Here are a few of the common concerns to think about this time of year:


            □          cleaning gutters and downspouts   **This is particularly IMPORTANT!

            □          painting

            □          window washing

            □          yard clean-up

            □          repair and/or replacement of rotting or damaged trim

            □          bulkhead cleaning, painting, and repair  

            □          deck cleaning, power-washing, staining, and repair

            □          chimney inspection, sealing and/or repair

            □          weatherproofing doors and windows

            □          roof inspection

            □          is septic tank pumping up to date?

            □          will you need snow removal/plowing?


            □          checking and/or replacing batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors

            □          furnace/boiler service (including filter replacement)

            □          chimney/vent inspection and cleaning

            □          pest and rodent control

            □          carpet and upholstery cleaning

            □          plumbing and electrical repair

            □          painting and refinishing

            □          insulation

 We are Moore Security AND Services — we are not only here to help keep your home safe and secure during the cold months, but also in good repair and in top condition. Call or email us if we can help with any of your home maintenance concerns. As always, we are honored by the trust you put in us for the care of your home, and we are glad whenever we can be of help. It is a pleasure to serve you and your property’s needs.

Thank you! . . . and may you enjoy a safe and healthy season!

The whole team at Moore Security and Services