Small issues become big issues

We all know that small issues become big issues when we don’t address them head on. As a homeowner, you are careful to properly close and secure your home prior to leaving town.  But what happens when things occur that are out of your control?  For example, the nor’easter winds of Cape Cod blow a tree down, you have a leak in a pipe, a rodent makes its home in your home.  There are many unforeseen possibilities….. Catching a small issue before it becomes a big issue can mean the difference between damage and disaster.

When it happens to you: 

Many people believe that if damage hasn’t happened in the past, chances are their home should be just fine.  We have several clients whose homes we service on a weekly basis.  Most of the time, all goes well and there are no visible abnormalities or areas of concern…until there is!  We’ve walked into a basement and found a major leak from a burst pipe and it was fine the week before.

Insurance requirement

Some homeowners insurance policies may have a clause in them that requires an unoccupied or vacant home to be checked on within a specified number of days. The clause can be a bit vague because it does not specify who needs to check the home.  You do not want to have an insurance claim denied because your home was vacant for 14 consecutive days without being checked on. Our suggestion is for you to contact your insurance agency/carrier and find out if such a clause exists in your policy.

What does Moore Security and Services offer?

Moore Security and Services offers emergency 24-hour service.  It’s challenging to own a second home in another area, let alone another state.  We are here to check on your home in the event we have a hurricane or major storm and on Cape Cod that can happen anytime of the year, as we all know!!  A post storm check is completed for client in a timely manner.  

What about my Home surveillance technology?

Some prospective home watch clients feel that their Wi-Fi thermostat and video cameras are enough to get them by when they away. While those are very good devices to utilize, they should never replace a trusted home watch professional from visiting your home to conduct a home watch inspection/check.  Those devices are great if you have a temperature/humidity spike or if there is criminal activity at your home.  However, those devices won’t know if a significant roof leak was to occur in your back bedroom ceiling.  If the leak happened today, and we had several days of heavy rain, what kind of water damage could be sustained in 7 days or in 14 days?  Again, this is another reason to utilize a weekly home watch service.

Call us for more info or to schedule your home watch with Moore Security and Services!